Logistics Service

Hankyu Hanshin Total Logistics is a global end-to-end transportation and inventory management solution that allows you to both see and manage the flow of information and product from the factory floor through to final delivery. Designed with the goal of adding real value to our client’s supply chain, it combines the large-scale capacity of our global transportation network with a robust Warehouse Management System that helps optimize the value stream of your product.

This powerful tool does more than simply provide air waybill or bill of lading data, it captures in-transit inventory information allowing you to forecast demand and replenishment of your products, resulting in shorter lead times and reduced operating costs.

By leveraging the power of our Total Logistics solution, many companies have realized the following benefits:

• Reductions in operating and inventory carrying costs
• Shorter lead times
• Reduction of cycle times
• Improvements in cash flow
• Improvements in both quality and operating efficiency
• Improvements in customer service
• Increased flexibility in order processing
• Increased inventory control
• Complete and global visibility via a web portal
• Improvements in forecasting abilities
• Increased accuracy
• Increased order fulfillment rates

Let Hankyu Hanshin Total Logistics turn your door-to-door solution into a floor-to-floor solution. For further information, contact any of your local Hankyu Hanshin offices.




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