COVID19 Response & Business Continuity Plan

Dear Valued Customer,

In midst of pandemic coronavirus outbreak, we strongly believe that our company has social responsibility to our community. We have taken steps to prevent our employees to be exposed to risk of infection as well as wide spread of virus in our workplace in case such incident occurs. We will also continue to improve out steps as more information becomes available about development of this virus.

If there is evidence of virus infection in our workplace, Hankyu Hanshin Express USA Inc has prepared for a plan to close the office premises as well as warehouse for period of 24-48 hours, until disinfection process has been completed and it is deemed safe for our employees to return back to workplace.

While immediate treatment or disinfection process is vital to prevent further spread in our community, supply chain, logistics and transportation sector is the integral and essential part of our daily supply to all Americans.

There may be disruption of service possible momentarily, especially when it directly relates to warehouse operations. In case of such event, we notify our customer as soon as we discover the incident. At the same time, we will notify our customer of recovery plan. While Hankyu Hanshin Express USA Inc commits to recover our operation as earliest possible, we strongly believe that thorough disinfection process is critically important, to prevent causing further inconveniences or disruption of services.

Our employees are and will be always available to answer your questions regardless of our office opening. At the same time, we promise to our customer that Hankyu Hanshin Express USA will provide the best services and arrangements.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.


Hankyu Hanshin Express USA Inc

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